Humans of St. Mark's: German Exchange Students

——By Rebecca Wu ‘21

Six exchange students from the Wittelsbacher Gymnasium in Munich, Germany —Salma, Carlotta, Valentin, Isabella, Daniel, and Georg—visit St. Mark's this spring. They have enjoyed their time in the United States and headed home to Germany on Monday, April 29.

I asked them each a couple of questions about themselves and their experience at St. Mark’s.

What do you like to do at home or at St. Mark’s?

Carlotta Havener: "I love singing and acting."

Valentin Fischer: "I like acting in a theater in Munich."

Georg von Poblotzki: “I like to swim, run, and play flute.”

Isabella Schepanek: “I like watching films and playing the guitar.”

Daniel Seitz: “I really like to do Fitness in the afternoon and I think that the classes at St. Mark’s are very interesting. I also like to chill with other students in the Center.”

Salma Boushib: “I like doing sports and hanging out with my friends. Also, it’s pretty fun to visit the musical rehearsals or to play four square.”

What is something that a lot of people don’t know about you?

Georg von Poblotzki: “I went to a Waldorf kindergarten."

Isabella Schepanek: "I started watching horror films at the age of 10."

Daniel Seitz: "Maybe some people don't know that I am very interested into basketball."

Salma Boushib: "I think a lot of people don’t know that I’m really into playing piano."

How is your school in Germany different from St. Mark's?

Carlotta Havener: "In our school, we have about 14 or 15 required subjects to take, and there are only language electives. Another difference is that we are not doing that much sports. We don't have sports every day.”

Valentin Fischer: " In Germany, we only have one art course to take, which is Music. Besides, we only do two hours of sports each week. "

What's your favorite tradition/ custom/ trend at St. Mark's so far?/ How do you feel about St. Mark’s?

Carlotta Havener: "I like the nice atmosphere here. "

Valentin Fischer: “I think St. Mark’s is really cool. I am sad that we are leaving soon.”

Georg von Poblotzki: "I like the kindness of all the people here."

Isabella Schepanek: "I like drinking starbuck's coffee in class :-)"

Daniel Seitz: "I really like the school meetings, because I think it is cool that the whole school meets to talk about new informations, and it also strengthens the cohesion."

Salma Boushib: "I like the school meetings and the ‘Hurrah’:) And everyone is nice to us! I had a really good time here!”