Letter from the Editors

Hello, everyone! We hope all is well as summer vacation is approaching.

I am Rebecca Wu, a IV Former from Shenzhen, China. I am passionate about journalism and Chinese food. Working as a columnist for The St. Marker for two years, I have become a skillful and responsible writer. Next year, as an Editor-in-Chief, I hope I can keep fulfilling our obligation as a reliable news source that strives to keep our readers informed about what is happening on campus.

I am Luke Lee, a V former from Seoul, South Korea. I love to play soccer, watch soccer highlights, listen to “Take Me Home Country Roads,” and translate Latin. I also listen a lot of Post Malone, who is the best artist  in my opinion. During my free time, I also enjoy reading poems in my poem collection. I hate dark chocolate, mosquitos, snakes, and reptiles in general. I’ve joined the St. Marker in my sophomore year as a columnist. This year, I worked as the Managing Editor, making sure all the articles are submitted on time.

In this Prize Day issue, you will find articles on the latest events happening on campus, whether it is the Cum Laude Induction, the Spring Play, or the "Lives of Consequence" campaign. You can also find sports-related articles reporting on the College Athlete Celebration and the Varsity Girls' Tennis team. In addition, some departing faculty members and seniors shared their feelings about leaving St. Mark's.

Let us know if you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions! Wish everyone a great summer!

Yours Editors-in-Chief, Rebecca and Luke