Humans of St. Mark's: Caroline McGinnis '18, Tommy MacNeil '18, and Helynna Lin '18

by Rebecca Wu '21

Caroline McGinnis.jpg

Caroline McGinnis '18

“The thought of graduating St. Mark’s is so bittersweet. I’ve always been excited to go off to college to dive into a field I’m passionate about and “start my life.” However, looking back at my short two years here I can’t help but think about how I’ve got to start that process early. I’ve been able to live on my own and find new things that I’ve fallen in love with, whether that was my many theatrical performances or rowing. St. Mark’s is now my second home, filled with people that I want in my life forever and memories that I want to relive. Leaving St. Mark’s is going to be very difficult but I know I will be able to achieve what I want in life because of what I’ve learned here, such as discovering a passion for biology, which I will continue on in college. My last few weeks are going to be hard, not particularly academically due to a high amount of senioritis, but knowing that I am leaving so soon. I’ve been on the senior quad constantly and spend every chance I have spending extra time at dinner, being involved in things I haven’t done before, and being with my friends. I know the weeks will fly so I am trying my best to take it all in before I won’t be able to walk down the main hallway to class every morning.”

Helynna Lin.JPG

Helynna Lin '18

“I wish that I could stay in St.Mark's a little bit longer! I deeply cherish everything I have here - my teachers, my friends, classes, the grand pianos in PFAC, tennis in spring, duty nights in T-House...the list goes on forever. My college, which has a very different environment from that of St.Mark's, will definitely give me challenges, but I have faith in myself. With the courage and confidence I have gained here, I am ready to start a new journey.”

Tommy MacNeil.jpg

Tommy MacNeil '18

“Leaving St. Mark’s is definitely a bittersweet feeling.  I am excited to move on with my life, however I will always remember the great memories I have made at the school.  Whether it is winning a Groton game or playing spikeball on the quad, these are things that I will miss greatly.

Next year, I will be attending Union College in Schenectady, New York, at which I will be studying biomedical engineering, with an interest in designing prosthetic limbs.  As the idea of attending college becomes more real everyday, I will not lie it is a little unsettling. At St. Mark’s I have become very comfortable within the community, and I will have to get used to a new one at Union.  Studying engineering is something that really excites me, however I know it will be a challenge. I am confident that my St. Mark’s education will provide me with many skills to excel within the classroom at Union.

As I finish up my last weeks of St. Mark’s, I hope to have fun and take it all in.  These are my last days in the dining hall and on the quad, and I hope to make the most of them.  I am extremely grateful for this school, and hope that everything pays off when I am off at college in a few months.”