Humans of St.Mark's: Introduction

by Rebecca Wu '21


I was born and raised in Shenzhen, China, and I spent my childhood there. If I have to pick one thing that I feel proud of during my days studying at St. Mark’s, it would be bringing in my Chinese perspective to this community. Being transplanted into a different culture, I knew that I needed to be prepared for a series of questions: What is it like to belong to a minority group at a school? How do you blend into the culture of St. Mark’s? What is the culture of St. Mark’s? There are so many of us at St. Mark’s who must have wondered the same thing.

However, as it turns out, culture can never be labeled by a single word  especially since St. Mark’s is such a diverse community that accepts a wide range of racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. In addition,  the student and faculty body here embrace many different interests, passions, and personal traits.

I always believe the best way of bringing together a community from diverse backgrounds is through stories-talking with people and writing about them. Inspired by the photobook Humans of New York, I decided to create a platform that welcomes and encourages every St. Marker to share their own stories.

Being different is a gift. We should not ignore it.

If you would like to tell St.Mark's about your personal story in the next issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! My email is I can't wait to hear from you.