Advanced Art’s Summer showcase

by Sanjna Patel ‘19

Over the summer students in Advanced Art Studio started work on their portfolios. Students are asked to choose a topic or theme to focus on that investigates content or a visual idea. Over the course of the year students develop their work into a portfolio for a 2-person exhibition in the spring. A selection of the work shown here is currently on display in Taft Hall.

Cecily Bradley

VI Form

“My concentration is Saturday Night Live and comedians. Comedians tend to be unhappy people, and so they have set out with the goal to make sure no one ever feels as low as they once have.”

Cecily Bradley-2.jpg
Cecily Bradley -4.jpg


Mary Flathers


“This year, my focus is my family. I chose this theme because it has both personal and universal significance. Because I have many siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, I always have material to work with. However, not every family is the same as mine. Universally, each family is different. As the year continues, I am shifting my focus from my own family to worldwide interpretations of this aspect of identity.”

Mary Flathers.jpg


Mei Mei Arms

VI Form

“My concentration is on the people that have had a major impact on my life, whether that be current or past.  Most of these people I will never meet.”


Helen Huang

V Form

“My concentration is Mythical Creatures because I've always enjoyed reading fantasy books as a kid, and I wanted to choose a topic that I could have a lot of fun with.”

Helen Huang -4.jpg


Kevin Huang

IV  Form

“My concentration is Social Media, I chose this concentration because of its relevance in our lives today, and the negative repercussions that it causes.”

Kevin Huang-1.jpg


Waverly Shi

IV Form

“My focus this year is on architecture and the impact and role it plays for humans. For example, architecture influences human emotions. It is also a way of expressing cultural differences.”